Call For Nominations

The deadline for entries is 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday, August 17, 2015. Nominations can be made by artists, curators, critics or arts professionals of any kind. Artists can nominate themselves. For questions other than those answered in FAQ, please contact

The nomination form is here. The nomination should include:

  • A 500 word nomination statement about the candidate’s suitability for the award
  • Links to up to ten existing internet-based artworks
  • Links to up to five pieces of press or critical writing on the artist’s work
  • A 300 word bio of both the nominator, and/or the nominated artist


+ What criteria and materials will be used to award the prize?

The jury will assess the award on artistic excellence, commitment to the field of net art, and significant future promise as demonstrated through their achievement to date.

The jury will review all or part of the list of URLs provided, the nomination statement, bios, press materials, and other publicly available materials the jurors wish to review outside of the nomination itself.

+ What kinds of “net art” will be considered?

Net art is art that acts on computer networks, and is acted on by them, in ways that are defining, not merely incidental.

This could include Twitter bots, chatrooms, networked installation, webcam performance, social media interventions, tactical media tools, or Instagram accounts. For the purposes of this prize, emphasis will be given to works that are primarily experienced in a web browser.

If in doubt about the formal criteria, please submit the nomination for consideration, as our jury has a sophisticated understanding of net art practice from which to assess the works and their suitability.

+ Will the awarded artist be required to produce any new artworks?

No. The prize is a no-strings-attached award. The awarded artist will only agree to be profiled on the award website alongside links to their works, and to participate in the public acknowledgement and visibility of the prize where appropriate and mutually agreed – events, exhibition, use of materials, etc.

+ On what technical platform will the jurors review the sample artworks?

Jurors will review the links on a variety of commonly available browsers, though may be able to accommodate requests for particular browsers, plugins or devices. For works that no longer exist online, or are experienced in other formats than available to the juror to view first hand, documentation may be reviewed via a link.

+ I am an artist. Can I nominate myself?


+ Are students or emerging artists eligible?

Technically, yes, but in practice the award will be made based on past achievement in order to evidence significant future promise. It is not anticipated that students or very emerging artists will be awarded. However, the nomination of any artist with a substantial body of work is encouraged.